How is the cost of my water bill calculated?

Bill's consists of two components, a Fixed Service Charge and a Usage Charge.

  • Service Charge - This charge is for one month of water service based on your meter size and is billed monthly. This charge covers the projected fixed costs for the operations of the CWD. The service days for which you are billed the fixed service charge are displayed on your water bill under the billing period.
  • Usage Charge - This charge is based on actual water use. It is measured in CCF (hundred cubic feet) that has passed through your water meter during the billing period and is billed monthly. You are charged for consumption on your water meter using the current read on the meter (just prior to billing) and subtracting the read on the meter from your previous billed meter read. This charge covers the projected variable operation costs in the water treatment process.

Example: 1-inch meter with 20 CCF water usage in one month (using 2021 rates)


  • Service Charge for one month is $45.79
  • Usage Charge for water used is $34.40
  • Water Bill is $80.19

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