Why does CWD charge for water?

The CWD ratepayers are charged for water based on the cost of providing service to our customers. Revenue from water rates covers the cost of operations, maintenance, infrastructure replacement, customer service, and other necessary programs. The money collected from rates is used to pay for expenses directly related to providing water to your home or business.

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1. How is the cost of my water bill calculated?
2. When will I receive my water bill?
3. When is payment for my water bill due?
4. Can I change my billing zone or request special bill dates?
5. Why does CWD charge for water?
6. Why doesn't CWD offer a low-income rate program for customers?
7. Do you have any assistance programs?
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9. Why did CWD install meters, and are meters installed on all service connections within the District?
10. How often does CWD read my water meter?