What was the fluoridation survey results?

Thank you to the District customers that took the time to complete the survey. A total of 36% of our customers responded. The goal of the survey was to determine if the District's customers were in favor of adding fluoride to the CWD drinking water supply and if in favor of fluoridation would customers be willing to pay an additional amount on their water bill. In addition, the survey will help the staff determine how much public education we may need in the future. The final results of the survey are listed in the table:

  • For Fluoridation (35%): 1,379
  • Against Fluoridation (64%): 2,529
  • For Fluoridation and willing to pay for it: 1,272
  • For Fluoridation but not willing to pay for it: 90
  • Undecided (1%): 15

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7. What was the fluoridation survey results?