Protect My Pipes from Freezing

Cold Weather Tips

  • Wrap all pipes! You may purchase specOutdoor Pipeial wrapping material or simply use an old sweatshirt or newspaper. Secure them with plastic tape.
  • Turn off your automatic sprinklers. Overflowing water from sprinklers can cause hazardous conditions on sidewalks and roadways.
  • Know where your main shut-off is located! Disconnect all hoses, and then wrap all faucets to prevent them from freezing.
  • Inspect your water meter! The meter will be safe from freezing if the dead air space is maintained around it.
  • Traveling during the winter? Ask a friend to check your premise while you are away. Let them know that it's OK to call Carmichael Water District for assistance if the need arises.
  • If your pipes do freeze, wrapping them with rags and repeatedly pouring warm water over the rags may thaw them. Once the pipes thaw, rewrap them with dry materials.
  • Never use an open flame to thaw frozen pipes! You may start a fire and at the very least, your pipe will burst.