Water Efficiency Survey

How to Participate

If you would like to receive a fTwo People Standing at a Water Meterree Water Efficiency Survey please call 916-483-2452 or email Carmichael Water District. A customer service representative will contact you within two working days to schedule an appointment. The entire home evaluation takes about 60 to 90 minutes for most homes and businesses.

This service is free to Carmichael Water District customers and offers the following benefits:

  • Evaluation of your water usage
  • Show you how to read your water meter
  • Free leak check using your water meter
  • Measure faucet and shower head flow
  • Free leak check of toilets
  • Free evaluation of landscape irrigation efficiency
  • Adjustment of irrigation timers
  • Free water-saving devices:
    • Low-flow shower heads
    • High-efficiency faucet aerators
    • Auto-shutoff hose nozzles
    • High-efficiency sprinkler heads

Free devices are provided only where existing fixtures are less efficient and only if approved by the property owner.